Satin Ribbon, Printed Satin Ribbon, Satin Printed Ribbon

1 Inch Printed Polyester Satin Ribbon

Model: 0066-9251(15250014)
Size: 1"
Material: Polyester

Width: 1"
Material: 100% Polyester
Style: Single Face
This lovely ribbon is perfect for card making, sewing, tying around presents, scrapbooking, baby shower invitations and all sorts of baby crafts and comes in a variety of styles and colours.

Widths Available
Inches Millimeters Inches Millimeters
1/16" 2.0mm 7/8" 22.2mm
1/8" 3.2mm 1" 25.4mm
3/16" 5.0mm 1-1/4" 31.8mm
1/4" 6.5mm 1-1/2" 38.1mm
3/8" 9.5mm 2" 50.8mm
1/2" 12.7mm 2-1/2" 63.5mm
5/8" 15.9mm 3" 76.2mm
3/4" 19.1mm    


Satin Ribbon Plastic core

Plastic core: above 1/4"

Satin Ribbon Foam core

Foam core: above 1/4"

Satin Ribbon Two sides with paper cover

Two sides with paper cover: All

Satin Ribbon Skein

Skein: above 3/8"

Satin Ribbon Plastic roll

Plastic roll: All

Satin Ribbon Bobbin 1

Plastic bobbin: 1/8"




Color Card

satin ribbon Color Card


Satin Ribbon Usage


satin ribbon certificate

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